Friday, October 16, 2009

Aprons are Awesome

Aprons are totally coming back into style. Personally I think half aprons are the best. And I love making them. I actually hung a rack in my kitchen specifically designated for aprons that I make. You know... in case other people want to come over and cook with me and may have the need for an apron. Ok, ok. I know I'm a dweeb. And I'm hanging my head on the inside.

The apron to the left is one I made for my stepmother but I think I want one for myself too it can join this one on the kitchen rack. The pocket was inspired from another one of Lotta's books. I think next time I will use more solids though.


suburban farm said...

I like the Black, White, and Green combo.

Dixie said...

You are just too cute with your creative aprons. Makes me want to come cook with you! Gramma

Jenny said...

I love the pocket on that one. You're not a dweeb. Knowing you have a rack of aprons for visitors makes me want to come cook with you--what a cute idea!