Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Embroidered Oneies

Stitching is fun but it takes FOREVER. Each of these onesies took like 2 hours! How is that possible?!? I must just be very slow at it. Does it take everyone that long to create such simple designs?  But honestly, totally worth it. Nothing like exploiting silly jokes at a baby's expense.

Clockwise from the bottom left we have a sugar skull, a domokun (I don't know what it is either, Hubby wanted me to make it for them and he found it HILARIOUS that I actually did), an alien in a spaceship, and my personal a favorite the "Mom" tattoo.

Special note to Jenn: when your baby is born I would really appreciate pictures of him/her in the tattoo onesie. It will make me giggle.


jenn said...

Katy- I LOVE that you made such awesome gifts for our baby!!! I will totally take some pics for you as soon as we put them on!!

mp2athome said...

You are adorable in all your creativeness!