Monday, October 5, 2009

My First Quilt

It measures 32" x 24". It is very small indeed. I was testing the quilting waters. But it worked out because it is just the right size to be a nice traveling changing pad for my good friend's baby-to-be. I threw some ties on the end so she could wrap it up and toss it into her diaper bag.

Let me tell ya. This is tough. All the measuring and precise cutting is hard work. Doing a full size project is going to take me a long time, but I'm looking forward to it. Oh, how I love to sew.


suburban farm said...

Congratulations. On your first quit. I looks lovely.

mp2athome said...

SO CUTE!! Baby-to-be is very lucky indeed!!
Good job :-)

Emily said...

That's one fancy changing pad! What a generous friend you are. It's beautiful - good work, Katy!

Erin said...

I still have trouble with all the precision - my blocks seldom are all the same size, but I'm new to this whole deal, and am trying not to stab myself in the face when I screw up.

The little quilt looks fabulous. :)