Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kitty Catnip Patchwork Toy

No parent is supposed to show favoritism, right? Well, since the pup came along last spring, I'll have to admit that the love scales have tilted a bit away from the kitty. My kitty that I have had since I was twelve. Together we've been through some rough times and some good times in the past 14 years of our lives. And these days I find myself constantly tripping over bones, squeaky toys, and tennis balls. So I thought it was high time to do something nice for him. Plus, Sew Mama Sew (one of my favorite blogs) is holding a contest for the month of October called Scrap Busters and I wanted to enter.

And thus we have what I like to call Kitty's Sticky Icky Icky patchwork toy. (Don't worry folks, it's just catnip.)

Assembly is very simple and will used up a few of those pesky scraps you have in a box next to your sewing machine.

You will need:
Dried Catnip (may be sold in bulk at your local co-op or grocery store)
Dry Rice
Insert (I used a reusable muslin teabag, but you could make you own or use something similar)
Scraps for outer bag

Measurements will vary based on how big of an insert you use. I sort of eyeballed mine.

Step 1:
Fill insert with rice and catnip. (the rice is so that when kitty begins to loose interest you can warm it up in the microwave and... viola! New again!)

Step 2: 
Assemble outer layer and patchwork piece. I used denim for most of the shell because my cat likes to grip his catnip toys in both claws and suck on them. So they need to be durable.

 Step 3:
With right sides together sew your patchwork piece to the back of the outer piece, leaving a 2" space in the side so that you can fit the insert in. Trim corners being careful not to cut the seam. Next, turn the shell right side out, pushing out the corners. Place catnip bag inside the shell.

Step 4: 
Topstitch around the outer shell 2 times to close the hole and reinforce the outer seams.

And it is ready to be introduced to the cat...

Mission accomplished.


Dixie said...

Kona looks like a contented cat. Can't believe how time flies - 14 years already.

Enjoy your blog.

mp2athome said...

You are such a good kitty mommy! Cute little icky sticky bag, and the fingerless hand warmer is neato! Great job!!

Emily said...

What a happy Kona! Is Denali leaving her new toy alone? Everytime we give Elliott catnip (or any toy for that matter) Murray steals it!