Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are You Utilizing Your Local Library?

Not so long ago, thinking about a library, gave me vivid and horrid memories of many hours spent late into the night researching, cramming, and scrambling for whatever I was supposed to have done weeks before and was due the next day. Who wants that? What else could even be in a library except for microfiche, theories on racial discrimination, and old Sociology textbooks, right? Of course not! I still remember the day I found out that they actually had modern, non-educational dvds. That was a wonderful day. But wait, there's more. They have cds too (Can't afford a dj for your wedding? This is your answer.) And books on cd. (Perfect for mindless dreaded tasks) And *gasp* even crafty books with patterns.

So, dig out that library card from when you were in school, (it’s probably under the driver's seat in the car or under the couch or something) and go. Don't mind any fines you may have, just go. You might be thinking, "But the library is so big I can never find what I'm looking for." Or ”My library is too small and they never have anything good." Aha, but the libraries have changed with the times. You can now open an account online and place things on hold from the comfort of your home. The magic system pulls whatever you are looking for, from any of its branches and then tells you when to come get it. It's AWESOME!

Lesson is: libraries are goldmines. They are treasures. Go and teach yourself about something you always wanted to learn. It's waiting for you.

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The Gill Family said...

Hey I forgot to call you but I wanted to wish you a happy 26th Bday. Hope it was wonderful. I love the site. I spent about 1 hr reading all the things i have missed. PS as far as DIY you should add the amazing baby blaket on there also I'm looking for sew-less wedding gifts any ideas. Hope you two are well wishing you lvoe katie