Monday, August 31, 2009

Get 'em While They're Young

Hubby and I went to Portland a couple months ago to watch my little sister and brothers (ages nearly 10, 7, and 5, I think) for a few days. I brought my sewing machine and plans to explore the local fabric shops with my sister while Hubby watched the boys. We came back from the store with visions of back-to-school projects dancing in our heads.

So, I set up the sewing machine, walked away for a minute, and came back to this:

Isn't she cute? Fully concentrated. In the zone. Determined.  I loved watching her make up her own project. (That is a decorative "dishtowel" made from scraps by the way.) When I was her age, my mom taught me to cross-stitch. I have many very fond memories of sewing cross stitch next to my mom while we watched movies. Then that opened a big door to creative hobbies.

Anyway, she told me that she wanted to have a new headband to show off at school when they got back from spring break. So we made this:

I hope that her first sewing experience went well. I had a good time at least. She walked away from it with a spiffy headband and a sassy little tote (which I forgot to photo) and begging her mother for her own sewing machine.  Ahh, nine-almost-ten year olds...

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Dixie said...

She is soooo cute! And so are you, by the way! I love watching you being so creative. Much love.