Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I have some dirt that I can play with now. And earlier in the summer I attempted my first vegetable garden. It went alright. I had to build a fence around it to keep the pup out (she has absolutely no mind for boundaries) and planted seeds in some dirt that wasn't happy. Very unhappy dirt. All my veggies were really dwarfed and I couldn't figure out why. Later my neighbor told me that the previous owner probably dumped a ton of fertilizer into that area to keep weeds away. Bummer right?
So although my couple of months of labor and finger crossing didn't amount to much, I have turned my attention to a much happier looking plot of dirt. Hope abounds in this dirt. I'm certain of it. And so I have planted several different herbs out front for cooking, teas, and mild medicinal purposes. I'm STOKED! I've never had an herb garden before and I hope I don't kill it completely. My favorite one so far is the lemon verbena. I would just tape that stuff to my nose if it wouldn't make me look crazy. Looks a little puny now, but with love and determination, they will flourish. That's all it takes for gardening right? Riiiight.


Geoff said...

yup yup, just some TLC thats it girl.

mp2athome@msn.com said...

tlc and MULCH.....Mulch I say.... and water! Plants like that :-)
Seriously, the herb garden looks really good.

Ms. Petey said...

"I took a photograph of you in the herbaceous border. It broke the heart of men and flowers and girls and trees."

Belle and Sebastian, "Another Sunny Day"