Thursday, August 27, 2009

Angry Owl Tote

What better way to end the summer than with an Angry Owl tote? Sturdy, made of canvas and denim, and it has fall colors. Currently holds my lunch on most days. Plus you just can't miss the owl. I'm not sure why he came out angry, he just did. You would think its all in the brows, but I think it goes deeper. The tight-fisted little claws. The pursed beak. The cramped-looking wings. I didn't feel angry while I made it. Hmm... perhaps its just a coincidence.
I thought about making an Indifferent Owl. Shrugging Owl. Cold Shoulder Owl. Awkward Silence Owl? Perhaps Angry Owl is plenty. Look! It even looks angry from the back.

What about other moody woodland creatures? Any thoughts?


Ms. Petey said...

What about a gruff goose? Or a ticked-off tiger? Or a surly snake? said...

Or... how about your angry owl snatching a surly snake from a gruff goose being chased by a ticked-off tiger? You could capture all the African animals Karen saw her last week in Uganda.... save the goose.