Monday, March 9, 2009

New Life, New House, and of course... New Bag

Life is such a comedy. Mere weeks after posting about my genius Crafty Cubby Concoction, an unbelievable opportunity opened up for Hubby and me. Now we're moving from our very minimal 1 bedroom in the city (with the infamous cubby of crafts) to an astonishingly roomy 4 bedroom house that we shall have all to ourselves. WHICH MEANS many many wonderful things. 1) we now have a yard in which I can have a vegetable garden so I can practice for our farm 2) I have a wood shop where I can pick up on my passion for woodworking and 3) I have a WHOLE ROOM for sewing and crafts all to myself. Yes... good fortune has most definitely smiled upon us. But this also means that I will have wide variety of new projects to share. Yea!

So let us start off with this one. I'm taking a business trip next week and I decided that I needed a new carry-on bag for the occasion (plus, after I'm done working I get to spend the weekend in NYC, which naturally requires a new bag) So I shall share.

I didn't take a good picture of the lining, but I had to include something because its my favorite part. Bright blues and greens on he pockets, though you can't really tell here. All of the fabrics are from my new favorite designer : Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party collection and the sewing pattern is the Sophia Bag from Amy Butler.

Coming up in the not-so-distant future... a tutorial on Making Your Own Laundry Soap, chemical free, super easy, and it costs mere pennies. Good grief, I sound like an advertisement.


Linda Moore said...

Not so much of a bag as an artpiece!

Mom said...

I continue to be overwhelmed by the depth of your creative abilities. You are an amazing woman and I want to be like you!

jenn said...

You guys still renting or did you buy??

Emily said...

yeah, I'm glad you're back to blogging! Congratulations on getting the house ... I hope a dog will come next. Your bag is darling - amazing, as always. :o)

john m. said...

Do you have any plans for making a bowling ball bag? Congrats on getting more space!