Monday, August 16, 2010

Cards Cards Cards

I'm definitely one of those people who has a rather difficult time sitting still. Don't get me wrong, I love to "relax", sit back, and watch movies with my main squeeze, but I have found that it is damn near impossible to literally sit and watch and that's it. I've always got a project in my hands. Lately I've really been getting into card making. Its so fun and easy and you get instant gratification because your project is finished in 3 minutes. Every time I finish one I run up to Hubby and show it off like I'm in second grade and I just discovered the genius that is the macaroni necklace. He always fawns appropriately. And I love him for that.

Here are a couple that I've cooked up. I've leaned heavily on inspiration from (read "copied") other cardmakers, but that's only because they have way better ideas than I do.

I also made this super-cute pincushion tomato out of some scraps! Fresh picked. (Based off of a Heather Bailey pattern) Fun!

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mp2athome said...

Hey Sweets! I think I still have a macaroni or two from a book you made in 1st grade. You named it "Fortunately and Unfortunately".... or something like that. It's in a box I've labeled "Katy's Greatest Hits"

Love, as always, Mom