Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catch-Up and Carry-All

AHA! It has taken just over 6 months, but I have finally secured an internet connection. Yea! So let me do a quick catchup for anyone who once read this blog and have returned to read it again.

Hubby and I moved to Des Moines WA. Only about a half hour outside of Seattle. Very close to the airport. The planes are loud, but we hardly mind. We have TONS of space and a view of Mount Rainier that would shock the fur off a cat. We are now responsible for quite a larger living area than our previous one-bedroom in Seattle. We're in a full-blown house in fact. Who knew that we could ever be so fortunate? We also adopted a heart-meltingly lovable black lab/great dane puppy named Denali.

And did I mention that I now have more than just a cubby to sew in? I have a full-on workstation. I have my grandmother's old sewing table. I have bay windows with a view of the mountain. And I have space to spread out my mountains of fabric. Jealous much? I know I don't deserve it. Any day I'm going to wake up and *poof* we'll be back in our little apartment, but until then, I'm milking it for all it's worth.

And my dreams of owning a farm have only strengthened in the past six months. Now that I have some dirt to dig in, I will have lots of time to practice. Plus, I have (not-so-subtly) been dropping hints to Hubby of a yearning for backyard chickens.

So, even though no one has heard from me in awhile, I have been very busy with my craftiness. First up is one of my prouder accomplishments. I made a carry-all for myself a couple weeks ago.

And I love love love it! I got the pattern from Anna Maria (don't you just LOVE her?) Highly recommended. Very fun bag. I can carry all the normal stuff: keys, wallet, phone plus my lunch AND any due library books. My poor messenger bag couldn't handle all that. And I was frequently seen on the bus with three to four different totes just trying to get all my crap from A to B. But no more. The Multi-Tasker tote can handle it all. Ahhh, satisfaction.


mp2athome@msn.com said...

Yea!!!!! I missed your posts! Darling bag (of course I've seen it in person).... the photo doesn't show all the beautiful hand stitching.


Dixie said...

Hi from Chicago! Love reading your blog. I really like both of the bags I've seen. My birthday is just around the corner. Hint! Hint!
Take care. Gramma