Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to Make Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm is surprisingly easy, provided that you have access to the proper ingredients. The recipe that was used in the batch shown in these pictures was from the book “The Soapmaker’s Companion” by Susan Miller Cavitch and it was a bit more complex (in terms of ingredients) than the following recipe (which I found on a flyer for Zenith), so I decided to include that one. Plus it sounds creamier than the one I made and creamy is always good.

Lip Balm Recipe : Makes about 10 jars
1 oz almond oil
0.5 oz cocoa butter
0.75 oz shea butter
0.5 tsp food grade essential oil (regular essential oils are not for eating)
0.75 oz beeswax

You will need to have a scale for this. But all you have to do is weigh out the ingredients, throw them in a pot on the stove over medium heat until the beeswax melts then pour them into little jars. (I got the ones shown for only $0.10 each.)

If you are in the greater Seattle area, all of these ingredients can be found at Zenith Supplies near the U District. It's definitely worth a visit. I freakin LOVE that store. If you are farther away, perhaps you could dial in to your local crafting community to find a source or else find a trustworthy store online. I’ve never bought these things online so I don’t have any to recommend.


mp2athome said...

Have you used this product yet? I'm interested

Katy said...

Hi mp2athome,

I did try my batch and I do like it indeed. I may have used a bit too much beeswax (I was kind of winging it) so it's a bit harder than other lip balms, but it does do the trick.