Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crafty Gift Idea # 6 - Homemade Bath Salts

You will almost feel stupid when you learn about the simplicity of making bath salts. You will be like, "Why, oh why have I ever purchased bath salts? I could have made them myself all this time! I've been tricked... nay, swindled! I will never spend money on conventional bath salts ever again!"

Well, that might not be your reaction, but that's pretty much what I said.

So here's how you do it:

1) Get some sea salt (nothing fancy, but make sure its sea salt, I'm not sure how well table salt would work.)

2) Add a few drop of your favorite essential oils* to taste. (Lavender is a good if you want a calming bath, and citrus-y ones like sweet orange or lemon are good for an invigorating bath.)

3) Shake it up and...you guessed it... Bath salts.

You can add other things to it as well, such as toasted kombu if you happen to have it, but really what is listed here works just fine. It's so effortless, I almost feel ashamed giving it away as a gift. Well, almost.

*Essential oils are readily available at most health food stores. I find it very useful to have several kinds on hand for around the house projects, such as soapmaking and natural home cleaners.


Ms. Petey said...

Nice! Where do you buy essential oils, though?

john m said...

I feel smarter having read your blog, but I feel stupid that I once purchased bath salt -- so it all evened out.
Nice trick!

Katy said...

If you are in Seattle there is a great selection of essential oils at Zenith Supplies in the UDistrict (witch is a candle and soap making supply company) or you could probably just head over to Whole Foods. Really any health food store carries essential oils. But try to stay away from one labeled "fragrance." They aren't essential oils and are mostly made up of chemicals.

john m said...

Katy, do you know if i can use essential oils to warm and make our home smell good? We have a thing that you put a tea-light at the bottom and you can put Method gel-melty-spheres (or whatever they are called) on top. Then they melt down and liquify and spread soothing fragrance in your room. So what kind of oil, if any, can I put in the top? Also, a second related question: We have diffuser sticks but ran out of liquid. Can I use essential oil or combine it with some other thing??

Katy said...


You can definitely use essential oil to make your home smell good. And I know you can use it in the tea light thingy. I used to have one myself. Unlike fatty oils (like butter), essential oils will evaporate with heat or time and the scent will spread throughout your home. I've never tried with those diffuser sticks, but I'm sure you could concoct something using them. If you do, please share your findings!

mp2athome said...

You are all so crafty... it's catchy!! I worked on Christmas stuff and made bread today :-D
My essential oil today was butter !

Isabelle said...

I can't believe it! That's so easy! Thanks!