Monday, November 17, 2008

Bread Machines - Worthwhile Labor Saving Devices

As a recently married person, I have acquired quite a few domestic tools to assist me with my newfound domestic duties. (All of which I requested of course, the tools and the duties) And while generally I like to do things the old-school way, baking bread has never been my forte.

So I must say, the bread machine that we received is far and away my favorite of all my labor saving devices. I have tried (and failed) to make fresh bread without this magical tool. The result was very dense, could probably be used as a cinder block, and I gave up trying to fix it. (Though it did make pretty good French toast)

It is hard to fail with a bread machine. I've started using it 2-3 times a week making everything from white bread to French bread to whole wheat to pizza dough. It may not have the romance of being elbow deep in flour with small children standing on a stool and trying to knead with you. But I can set it up within ten minutes, set a timer, go to work, and come home to fresh bread. Which is pretty freaking sweet. Plus, it allows you to actually know what is going into your bread. After all, do you really know what they put into Wonderbread?

Of course, if you are already talented in bread machine-free bread making, you are already deeply blessed. But for others of you who think that baking bread is too difficult, you just haven't had the right tool. If you have the means and the space I would highly recommend acquiring one. I have the latest Cuisinart. And its pretty freaking awesome, I must say.

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Ms. Petey said...

That's awesome! Fresh bread "delivered" right to your own home? We recently discovered par-baked bread, which solves the problem of buying fresh bread when you're at the grocery store on a Monday, only to have it moldy by the time you're ready to eat it on Wednesday. But fresh-baked is even cooler!